Fatman & Friends

Fatman’s Negroni

Fatman’s Negroni uses a secret blend of aromatics and an ageing process bringing this classic aperitif up-to-date for the modern palate. 

A Negroni is a classic cocktail that was created in Florence by a gentleman named Count Negroni. A Fatman’s Negroni is aged to give it a velvety smooth edge. It is an aperitif that is served before a meal to help cleanse the palate. At its heart you’ll find Count Negroni’s original recipe: a good dry gin (we use Bombay Sapphire with notes of juniper and spice), the citrus aromas of a sweet vermouth (Martini Rosso), and the herbaceous floral tang of Campari. We add a secret blend of aromatics, bringing this classic aperitif up to date for the modern palate.

It should be served (60 ml) poured over ice with a slice of orange. Enjoy!!